Opalescence Whitening

Whitening in 7 to 10 days!

Our take-home whitening system (Opalescence) is by Ultradent.  It comes in three different strengths PF10%, PF15% and PF22%, they all are made with Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride.  It is safer and easer then ever to whiten you teeth at home.  In just 1 to 2 hours, twice a day for 7 to 10 days. 

We make custom trays to fit your teeth for the best and most comfortable fit possible.  It takes just two short visits.  The first visit is to take the impressions and the second visit is to deliver the custom trays and go over the instructions.  Crowns and composite fillings will not bleach.  Some additional restorations may need to be addressed if they are in the front of your mouth.

It is normal to experience tooth sensitivity during the time you are whitening your teeth, but it will subside shortly after you have stopped bleaching.

Patient Instructions

  1. Brush and floss teeth before whitening.
  2. Remove tip off syringe.
  3. Place a thin line of bleaching along the base of the reservoirs n the whitening tray.  DO NOT overfill the tray!
  4. Insert the whitening tray in the mouth over the teeth.  Wipe the excess material from the gums with a tissue or a dry cloth.
  5. Wear the trays for 1 to 2 hours twice a day for up to 14 consecutive days.  If doing a touch up, only up to 3 days may be needed
  6. DO NOT eat or drink anything while wearing the trays.
  7. DO NOT talk or do strenuous exercise.
  8. DO NOT drink dark soda, coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries or smoke on the days you bleach.
  9. Rinse off your teeth and brush any remaining gel away.
  10. You must have minimum of 6 hours between bleaching applications.
  11. Change tooth paste to Sensodyne tooth paste while bleaching.
  12. Clean the whitening trays with water and a toothbrush.  Dry thoroughly then store in the tray holder.
  13. In between bleaching, place trays on the molds and rubber band the molds together.
  15. Store unopened bleach in the refrigerator.  It will extend the expiration date by up to 6 months.

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